Computer Services in Departments 83 and 06

Computer Upgrades
The big high-street computer retailers would like you believe that you have to buy a new computer every three years in order to stay up to date. The technology surrounding the computer is indeed marching onwards relentlessly, with ever faster hardware to cope with modern computing needs. However, the fact is that the modern computer is a highly modular design concept which allows all of the primary components to be upgraded quickly and easily.

For example: you can normally give a computer a major performance upgrade (motherboard, processor and ram) for around 1/3rd of the cost of buying a new computer.

We perform many minor upgrades (e.g. RAM, drives and Windows etc) on-site. Whilst major upgrades such as motherboard & CPU changes are carried out in our workshop to ensure full performance and compatibility.

From simply adding some extra RAM, upgrading to Windows 7, or wanting a performance custom-built system, we have it covered.
Computer Troubleshooting
Everybody gets a virus or software problems once in a while, it's pretty hard to avoid unless you simply don't use your computer and even then there is a chance!.

When it happens we can get you back up and running in no time. If you’re worried about your data, don't be, only in rare cases do system crashes or viruses effect your personal data
Computer Maintenance
We recommend some simple, weekly maintenance tasks so your computer runs smoothly.

We have put together a computer maintenance checklist which you can do yourself or get us to put in place for you. This list is comprehensive including backups and other maintenance and management tasks.

When this list is implemented it can speed up and improve your computing experience considerably. It is particularly useful for giving older machines a new lease of life. For the best results a complete re-installation of your version of Windows can be done and a backup and restore of all your software and data.
Computer and software Training
We provide on-site and remote Compauter training on software and Windows.

Whilst we cater for all skill levels, we are specifically aimed at helping people over the age of 50 (Silver Surfers).

Whether you’re a complete novice or simply need to improve existing IT skills, our flexible, jargon free approach to computer training will provide you with the necessary skills in the fastest possible time, all from the comfort of your home.

"We love working with TheItHelper. They have a unique combination of innovation, energy, and total commitment " more

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