Compu Sun Shade - Laptop Sun Shade

Solve screen glare without sacrificing mobility with Comp Sun shade the patented, laptop sun-hood

This patented sun hood enables you to open and close your laptop while the folded hood remains attached to the back of the lid (see demo video). This universal laptop / notebook model fits virtually all 11-to-17 inch laptop or notebook computers laptop sun sheild
Only 32 Euro Delivery Worldwide.
-Universal size fits 11-17 inch laptops (9 to 16-1/2 in. wide)
-Forms a 9 inch deep x 8.5 inch high viewing tunnel to reduce glare
-Made of ultra-light, and virtually indestructible polyethylene material
-Low-profile and so thin your laptop still fits inside its case
-You only need to install once, then open/close in seconds
-Attaches* with pre-installed Velcro fastener strips which also allow the hood to be easily removed from your laptop or notebook(if you choose).
How it works: A left hand and right hand hinged panel assembly, each consisting of an integral side panel plus top panel, are hinged to a mounting strip. The mounting strip becomes attached to the outside of your laptop’s lid using pressure-sensitive Velcro strips (see sketch below). The assemblies overlap near the top center to form a 3-sided tunnel around the screen, approximately 9 inches deep.

The resulting tunnel blocks most light infiltrating around the top and sides of your laptop screen. The panel assemblies can remain affixed to the outside of the laptop’s lid and swing nearly flat for storage.
Universal Fit: The unique, overlapping hinged panels allow width adjustments from 9 inches to 16-1/2 inches, to create a "perfect" fit for virtually all laptops, including 17 inch Laptops (measured diagonally).

Quality Materials: The panels are made of ultra lightweight high density polyethylene, a highly durable, synthetic material that blocks 100% of light transmission.

Specification: Weighs approximately 7 oz. and adds only 3/8 inch thickness to laptop. All components are black.
sun shade for a computer


sun shade computer
Payment by Credit Card Papal, cheque or cash.
7 euro delivery to anywhere in the world satisfaction guarantee.
Benefits of the Laptop Shade:
Laptop computers are frequently used in outdoor environments where sunlight and glare make screen viewing very difficult due to screen wash-out. The Comp shade blocks most of these visual impediments and increases apparent screen contrast, thereby reducing eye-strain and helping to control Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The Comp shade also helps to provide viewing privacy which is especially needed for laptops used in public places. This patented design can be folded closed while remaining attached to your laptop, so it is always with you when you need it.
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