Existing Website Improvements

Sometimes you need to use what you already have.

We won't set out to sell you a whole new website or system (although we can design a new site or relaunch your current site if needed).

We can work with what you already have when possible..ie your existing website, your logo, your brand, your business needs—so you can start efficiently attracting and converting clients.

To see what some of our clients think of us, visit our website testimonials page.

For examples of work visit our web design and software development portfolio page.
Search Engine Optimisation
Typically the process for improving your search engine rankings takes 4-6 months of SEO work. We work in parallel with our partner to get your site rankings up as quickly as possible.

Search Engine Optimisation
Establish a SEO Strategy:. We recommend a proven provider and then introduce you to one of their dedicated Account Managers who designs the search optimisation strategy that is best for your business. This includes website analysis and a detailed strategic plan to get you to the top of the major search engines for keywords most appropriate for your business.
Offsite Optimisation
Offsite Optimisation & Ongoing Management. Our partner also manages the elements of the strategy that involve content and outreach - from articles and press releases, to directory and search engine submissions.
Onsite Optimisation
Onsite Optimisation & Ongoing Management We execute the on-website elements you need for SEO optimisation. This typically includes title and meta tag edits, content changes, an automatic xml sitemap, SEO friendly page names and a range of other white-hat techniques.
Custom Blogs
Blogging: Everyone from the President of the United States to your uncle Peter is doing it.

A blog is a great way to demonstrate your industry expertise, support your marketing efforts, and capture the attention of search engines as well as site visitors as well as search engines.

A well setup, custom blog allows you to authoritatively communicate on subjects where you have unique insights and industry knowledge.

Custom Blogs
Designed Around Your Existing Brand: Totally customised and fitted into the existing design and layout of your site.
Search Engine
Set Up for Search Engine FriendlinessFrom the word go we create SEO friendly URLs and other SEO features so you are optimised from the start.
Personal Guidance, Help and Support We don't just setup the blog, we will also talk and walk you through how to use it effectively and we support you for as long as you need.
Bug Fixing and Testing (Building a Website is just the beginning)
The website maintenance and updating of your site is a vital component in its continuing success.

You want to keep site visitors coming back, you want to make sure your product information is accurate and you need to know if your website promotion is hitting Its targets.

Our website maintenance service works on projects that involve more than just maintaining existing websites and applications. It works on enhancing existing applications, adding new content, search engine optimization, bug fixing and constant technical support.

We have very extensive and proven experience of bug fixing in a variety of browsers and can locate the issue very quickly.

One classic error is for a web developer to only test only in Internet Explorer. Hence after the site goes live someone using Firefox on a Mac says 'Hey, the site is broken!'.
WebSite Hosting and Moving Hosts and Email
So you need a new hosting plan or you just want to switch hosts? There are major risks and potential issues here:

Site and Email Downtime:. If clients and website visitors can't reach you, you have major problems. If the transfer of hosting isn't handled exactly right, your email or website will be down for hours and worse case days or weeks.
Our expertise and past experience means that we will handle the setup or transfer quickly and accurately with no website and email downtime.

In addition we make sure that all systems are tested and in place before we do the official transfer.

Once we push the button we watch it each step of the way to ensure seamless migration.

We can advise you on which host is best for your business (we are not a host ourselves although we have many servers and can offer you space on these as well)

We can take care of the new hosting account setup and configuration and make sure your site has a smooth, zero down-time transition.

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